My Spiritual Journey to hell and back

Recovery in Florida

Or should I say, don’t go to Florida for drug and mental health treatment at a facility or treatment program. They don’t want anyone to recover. That is not cost effective. Yep, it’s all about the money. That’s right folks, don’t be fooled by the ads you see on TV; there is no such thing as recovery in Florida. If you are shown statistics, it’s all bullshit.

If you decide to go to Florida, make sure it for vacation. Or, as I found out… create your own recovery that specifically fits you. Spirituality is a great place to start. Finding out what you are all about… who are you, what is your purposewhere is your pain???

If you can be with yourself for some time and I don’t mean isolate yourself, but talk to people around you. I spent the last few days walking on the beach, collecting shells to keep me in the moment (as cliche as that may sound). I was a mess and I needed to gather my thoughts, yet not dwell in the dark areas before I went home. I knew I was walking into battle without any coping skills. I needed to gather any strength I had. 

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