What am I doing?

The more I learn about myself, through people I have met over a lifetime, the more I know. What does that mean, you might ask. The friends and loved ones we collect throughout our lives know us from the time they met us moving forward. They don’t know the person we grew from. If we meet them while we are children, during our adolescent or young twenties and on, they don’t know what we may have had to overcome, endure or the silly, immature – vision of our future.

But ask someone, what was your perception of me when we met. What is it now? I’m guessing it’s different from what we thought we were showing to them. Sometimes it’s worth knowing so we can really see ourselves. I made more mistakes than I thought. I hurt more people than I thought. It’s time to really look at myself again. With new eyes.

Reflections of Ourself

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